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About re-mastering… 

As sound enthusiasts at UT3-Records we keep our recording equipment up to date with serious professional audio gear.

The recent acquisition of the Lynx converterElysia equaliser and compressor and SSL X-desk summing table makes it worth to reconsider previous recordings through these analog masterpieces so to obtain a more rich and clean sound. Some disturbing frequencies are filtered out and a little compression gives the recording more “glue”.

So we decided to re-record in real time to our Tascam Master Recorder some of our recordings, in it’s initial audio definition (24bits/96kHz).

The différence of quality is quite small on a low budget consumer equipment, but gets very interesting using high quality headphones or speakers. Comparing both CD and high definition audio I could hear more details, clearer accents and more defined harmony. The sound image is wider, like video on a wide screen.

The musical experience is of a complete different level with high definition audio.

Downloading Hires audio, unzipping and preparing for listening reminds me the manipulation of a vinyl recording, with the advantage of digital reliability and precision.

For all audiophiles these Hires files are available on this page

Make your ears happy ?!